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Run Windows on Mac - Parallels Desktop 14 Virtual Machine for Mac

Or you can use Mission Control to swipe between them. A virtual machine can share accessories like printers and external storage with your Mac, and you can copy and paste between the two operating systems. You can even set up the virtual machine to use Mac keyboard shortcuts instead of their Windows equivalents. However, running a virtual machine alongside macOS needs lots of memory at least 8GB in total, and more if you want to run more than one virtual machine and at least two processor cores. Most modern Macs should run any of the virtual machine applications described here without a problem.

VMware Fusion

There are three contenders here: When it comes to performance, Parallels Desktop is about as good as it gets for virtual machines. That means you can run most applications just fine, but demanding 3D graphics-intensive games, and other apps that place lots of demands on the CPU and GPU are still a bit of a struggle. It comes in two versions, Fusion 10, which costs about the same as Parallels Desktop, and Fusion 10 Pro, which is more expensive but adds feature aimed at enterprise customers, such as support for managing virtual servers. That means you can run Windows and Mac apps alongside each other and switch between them seamlessly.

You can also copy and paste between Mac and Windows, share peripherals, and map Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows. But, as with Parallels, performance in the latest games lags behind Boot Camp and may prove frustrating. They have very similar features, and cost almost the same. Fortunately, both offer free trials — Parallels for 14 days and Fusion for 30 days — so you can download each one and try them out before making a decision on which to buy.

You can then install Windows or Linux, or another version on macOS, on the other partition.

If you plan to use Boot Camp Assistant to partition your main drive, remember to back it up first. Partitioning a drive is not quite major surgery, but it definitely carries the risk of losing data. Depending on how many applications you plan to install on your virtual machine and what you plan to use it for, you may need tens of gigabytes of free space on your Mac.

As a first step, we recommend installing CleanMyMac X. Run multiple OSes at the same time, all on your Mac. There are several ways to install Windows or any other operating system in a virtual machine, and Parallels Desktop makes it easy to get started within minutes.

Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac

Or you can provide your own Microsoft Windows license key, purchase Windows directly from within Parallels Desktop, or transfer an existing Boot Camp partition with Windows already installed. With Parallels Desktop, you can switch between Mac and Windows without ever needing to reboot your computer. If you have already installed Windows 10, Windows 8. Play your Windows-only game on a Mac using Parallels Desktop.

Parallels Desktop even has a virtual machine setting dedicated to gaming to optimize performance. Download a free day trial of Parallels Desktop and see if your desired game is supported. Parallels Desktop for Mac emulates PC hardware, so operating systems that are not present in this list can work as well. They are not on the list because we didn't test them in our lab yet or we found some critical issues.

What is a virtual machine?

You can download Parallels Desktop Trial here and install an operating system of your choice and if it doesn't work and you believe it should be supported, let us know at Parallels Forum. Need Parallels Desktop for your team? Check out Parallels Desktop Business Edition. Parallels offers exclusive discounts for educational students currently enrolled in a qualified educational institution or professional educators who are currently employed. How do I create a new virtual machine?

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Download Parallels Desktop. Open Parallels Desktop. Get Windows from Microsoft or install freely available operating systems such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux systems supported by Parallels Desktop. Parallels offers a day money-back guarantee on all purchases made on parallels. If you purchased this from another retailer, please check their return policy. User guides and resources can be found on our Technical Documentation and Resources page. Or go to Support.

Run Windows or Windows programs on your Mac

Toggle navigation Overview Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac. Just Released! Develop and test across multiple OSes in a virtual machine for Mac. Fast —run Windows applications without slowing down your Mac. Download Free Trial Compare Editions. Already have an older version of Parallels Desktop? Easy Setup Parallels Desktop automatically detects what you need to get started so you're up and going within minutes. Lightning Fast Graphic and resource-hungry Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac.

Over 7 Million Users and Praised by Experts. It's fast, it's reliable, and there's no need to futz about with confusing setting or convoluted setup processes. You can also virtualize Linux, Android, and just about anything that runs on Intel chips including another instance of macOS—great for testing macOS Betas! One-Click Tuning Select productivity, games, design, software testing, or development, and Parallels Desktop will optimize your VM settings and performance for you.

How To Install macOS Sierra on VMware in Windows 10

Volume License Key Unified volume license key, centralized license management, and advanced security features are available in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition. Travel Mode Extend battery life while away from a power source. Centralized administration and management Unified volume license key for mass deployment Buy Now.

VMware Fusion: Powerfully Simple

What can I do with Parallels Desktop? Open Windows applications side by side with your macOS applications, without having to restart your Mac Copy and paste text or drag and drop objects between Mac and Windows. Run Windows games and other 3D applications.