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Scratchy Sounds A great companion to the magnificent first volume, delves a bit more into the roots as well. Favorite track: The shining example. The shining example Fabulous collection,the whole album is busting with great songs. Supersound, indeed I love it Lawrence Dubrovich. Anthony Ng. Lorin Gabriel.

Sơn Tùng M-TP

Nathan Lee. Bogdan Sobokar. Tony Vo. Angelos Baikos. Endo Yusuke.

YOU ARE HERE! SAIGON - Hip-Hop Takedown (Chill Sky Bar) feat Suboi & DJ Lead

A Wedding DJ. Akinori Kato. Andreas Forster. Cyrille Blanc. Liam Holmes. Mark Tran. Luc Paredis. Bob Kergoat. Stephaine Wong. Oliver Klein. Lars Dittrich. Tu Nguyen. Pedro Liesegang.

The pistol could be used for hunting, to defend against predators and for visible and audible distress signals. The detachable buttstock was also a machete that came with a canvas sheath. TPs were Kelly, released on November 7, by Jive Records.

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The latter duet inspired the two to create the collaborative project The Best of Both Worlds. Another notable single was the risque "Feelin' On Yo Booty". Website The album's eponymous The domain. Regardless, it retained a number of domains until it was finally deleted in February History In , connect. They communicated these ideas to the East Timorese leadership and their representativ TP ICAP plc is a global firm of professional intermediaries that operates in the world's financial, energy and commodities markets.

The Transpac 52 TP52 is a class of yacht used for competitive yacht racing. The class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation which entitles the class to hold an Official World Championships. The original intention was to provide a yacht capable for both inshore and offshore sailing specifically the Transpacific Yacht Race however with the decline in IMS racing, the class became popular in Europe.

A professional inshore tour was established for Europe called the MedCup. Recent rule changes[1] help keep the class at the forefront of competitive racing.

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The Box Rule TP52 boats are built and sailed to a set of rules which established the original design as a 'box' r The group is named after Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. However, the two sides failed to reach a consensus in the preparation work, and thus they were discontinued after the second half of The L was the last military aircraft designed and produced in Finland. A second prototype, powered by a Turbomeca TP turboprop, was destroyed in an accident in August Aermacchi purchased the manufacturing rights in but never returned the aircraft to production.

The student and instructor sit side-by-side. As is typical with many military trainers, it can also carry light armament for weapons training, or potentially, for use in a close-support role. The Finish Air Force only used the L as a liaison It will be a connection-oriented packet-switched CO-PS application.

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  • YOU ARE HERE! SAIGON - Hip-Hop Takedown (Chill Sky Bar) feat Suboi & DJ Lead;

It will offer a dedicated MPLS implementation by removing features that are not rel Development In April , the Israeli Air Force magazine announced the existence of the programme and reported that two prototypes were already flying. The 10TP was a Polish light cruiser tank that never left the prototype status. While advancing the Polish armour development programme, the prototype was deemed unsuccessful. Discoveries made during testing led to the design phase of the newer 14TP model, which was never completed due to the onset of World War II. The 10TP prototype itself was of an original design implementing some general ideas suggested by John Walter Christie but also many new technical solutions.

History At the end of the s, the Polish Armed Forces felt that they needed a new tank model. The tank was to be used as a base for a new Polish light tank. The Poles however never received the machine and Christie, fearing legal charges, refunded the purchase. Due to this failure to purchase the master model and the possible license, at th Idealized structure of a Tp ligand bound to a metal center ML.

This family of compounds are sometimes called scorpionate ligands. As suggested by the resonance structures, the nitrogen centers that are not bonded to boron are basic. These centers bind to three adjacent sites of a metal such that the simple adducts have C symmetry. The Tp ligands are usually prepared from the reaction of pyrazole with potassium borohydride: The TP is the most powerful single-rotation turboprop; only the contra-rotating Kuznetsov NK is larger. Design and development AM on-wing engine installation The TP main propeller gearbox on display at the Paris Air Show The three-shaft configuration, a two-shaft gas generator followed by a free-power turbine, was chosen to maximize the overall pressure ratio.

In the gas generator, a five-stage intermediate pressure IP compressor is driven by a single-stage IP turbine and a contra-rotating six-stage high pressure HP compressor which is driven by a single-stage, air-cooled, HP turbine. The overall pressure ratio is about The IP compressor has a pressure ratio of 3. A third coaxial shaft connects the low pressure power turbine to the 5. It was developed from the British Vickers 6-ton. A standard tank of the Polish Army during the Invasion of Poland, its production did not exceed vehicles. Its chassis was used as the base for the C7P artillery tractor.

Comparing to Vickers, the main new features of 7TP were: About tanks were produced between and the outbreak of the war, plus four iron prototypes. The designation 7TP meant "7 Tonne, Polish" in fact its weight increased to 9 tonne Development The aircraft was presented at the Paris Air Show in and completed its maiden flight on December 12, So far, Grob Aircraft has not decided to resume construction of the G The coarse G TP could have been certified in the utility and aerobatic classes, with the utility version being used as a reconnaissance aircraft.

The Grob G TP is a two-seat turboprop training and aerobatic low-wing aircraft with a composite airframe, built by Grob Aircraft. It is based on the Grob G A training aircraft and has been developed for military and civil pilots training. It has a retractable tricycle landing gear and a low tailplane. The first customer was the Indonesian Air Force. Due to the new powertrain, the G TP offers new capabilities for basic and advanced pilot training where it can be used as a lead in for a jet trainer.

The wings are made of carbon fibre composites with winglets. The cockpit provides room for students and teachers wearing military equipment and helmets. Balagopalan M. It stars Mohanlal, Shobana, Balan K. Plot The film revolves around T. Balagopalan Mohanlal ,a lower scale employee at Falcon products. He owns some land which his elder sister and her husband try to grab from him. He falls in love with a school teacher Anitha shobana , whom he meets in one of his marketing trysts for falcon products. He loses his land when he tries to help her father in a litigation. However he loses his job due to labor union issues.

His younger sister, not being able to get married in a traditional arranged marriage set up, gets married to his friend Narayanankutty Maniyanpilla Raju. His elder sister and family leave his house when they find out t It has a net leaseable area of , m2, which houses more than retail outlets including boutiques, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, bookstores, supermarkets, and children's arcade center.

First opened in , it is divided into six buildings: The 14TP Polish: Design The project began in The new tank, which was built off the 10TP design was to significantly improve the performance and quality of the medium tanks. The tank could mount two types of guns: The design provided that the tank to be fully tracked.

The creation of the tank began with a search for an engine replacement for the American la France, which could not be installed on a new tank, as due to the large mass of the engine would move only under acceptable conditions on the roads. As a consequence, it was decided t Design and construction The TP was a simple and rugged biplane design with room for an instructor and student in tandem open cockpits. The fuselage was made from welded steel tubing, faired to shape and then fabric covered.

Built to be easy to fly, and for ease of maintenance, the Swallow TP was quite popular with nearly being built. Later, it was offered with a choice of a Siemens-Halske, Kinner, or Warner engines.

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Most customers opted for the OX-5 which was the cheapest. Hydrogen gas is evolved as each of the pyrazole reacts at the boron. The rate of B-N bond formation becomes more difficult with each successive 3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl due to the increase in steric hindrance around the boron: It was created by Janusz Magunski analogously to nomenclature used for other Polish tanks of that period. According to different classification it could be medium tank or heavy tank.

There were also two turrets at the front of the vehicle equipped with heavy machine guns and one heavy machine gun in the main turret. Weight of the tank was 22 tonnes. The ability to cross the ditches reached 2. The tank would have a length of 7. Muthupandi Somusundaram Bhaskar born 13 September is an Indian actor. Before entering to film, he was a theatre artiste, he made his film debut in in a small role in the film Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi.

After he got film breakthrough in Engal Anna In addition to acting, Bhaskar is a dubbing artiste and occasional playback singer as well. He is probably best known for his performances in the series Selvi , Arasi and Chinna Papa Periya Papa He won the Best Actor in a supporting Role for his performances in 8 Thottakkal Soundtracks from the movie that became hits].

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