1. Press C During Startup

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Windows and Linux users might consider Acronis Disk Director 12 , which includes an intuitive Boot Media Builder that streamlines the process and offers tremendous flexibility for the type and kind of boot media you can create, including WinPE media. All rights reserved. Booting from USB Media: A Comprehensive Overview. Acronis Disk Director Learn more day free trial. Once the Startup Manager screen appears, release the Option key.

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The utility will look for any available drives that include bootable content. Using either the pointer or arrow keys on the keyboard, select the USB drive you wish to boot from. Once selected, either hit the Return key or double-click your selection.

Apple OSX startup key combinations - Operating Systems - Answers

The machine will start to boot from the USB drive. Boot from USB: Then t o change the BIOS boot sequence: Press the Power button for your computer. Start your Mac in Safe Mode. Since safe mode only loads essential software, you can determine whether a system process or a user-installed application is causing your problem. Boot into Startup Manager. From here you can select different startup disks if any bootable partitions are available.

Boot into Recovery Mode. You can use it to reinstall macOS, restore from a Time Machine backup or use Disk Utility to repair or format your hard drive. This allows you to reinstall the build of macOS that came with your computer from the factory. Start in single user, command-line-only mode.

Boot in verbose mode.

7 Mac Startup Options Every OS X User Should Know

This mode displays logging and diagnostic messages as your Mac boots. If your Mac is showing the Apple logo but failing to start completely, try this step to see where in the boot process the error occurs.

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  • Then release the keys after about twenty seconds. During the reset process it might seem like your Mac is restarting before starting up normally. How do I get to boot options with a non-mac keyboard then? Are you holding right or left "alt" key? It should work with left key.

    Left key. Nothing happens except it boots like normal in OS X. Hm, it should work though.

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    Alternatively, you could use the rEFIt Boot menu refit. I'm glad you made it! After about an hour of frustration I found this. I had to plug the keyboard on the usb near the headphone jack on my iMac , and unplug external drives. Ray Ray 21 3. I had to plug in a wired USB keyboard.