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However, if you're a serious gamer or if you shoot a lot of videos or edit photos, then you'll want to Mac that can handle the load. And do you want portability?

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If so, how much weight are you willing to carry around? Do you want a computer that you can use on your desk but that you can fold up when you don't need it? Today's laptops can offer the best of both worlds for many people. Even if you find the display a bit small for home or office use, you can connect an external monitor, but you can put it out of the way when you aren't using it and don't want to see it. If your computer usage is fairly light and if there are no special apps you need - and if you don't need to work with specific files that you copy to and from your computer - you might even want to consider an iPad.

If you work at a desk - at home or in your office - and don't need a portable computer, then the iMac is the best choice. You can opt for the I recommend you don't scrimp and buy the non-retina The difference between an older display and a retina display where you cannot see the pixels because they are so small is striking, and once you've started using retina displays, you won't want to go back.

Frequently asked questions about the 2018 Mac mini RAM, storage, and more [u]

The disadvantage to an iMac is, of course, portability. If you ever need to use your Mac in a different location, it's hard to carry around. So you're stuck in one location, even one position in your home or office. Sure, you can unplug it and move it to a different room, but you won't want to do this often.

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There are two other desktop options for the Mac: But the Mac mini can be a good, compact Mac to put on your desk connected to any size monitor. It's a bit weak compared to, say, a MacBook Pro, and doesn't have the kind of graphics card you need for gaming, so it's mostly for those people who want to run it as a basic workstation or a small server or want to use a display they already have with a compact computer.

Apple has three laptop lines: The MacBook Air has been recently updated, making the older MacBook the odd one out, and its technology isn't up to date. But the 12" MacBook is the lightest laptop and if weight is important, and your usage is light as well, then you might want to consider it. The MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is more expensive but more flexible with more ports and much larger storage options. You can get the MacBook Pro with and without the Touch Bar, a strip that replaces the top row of keys on the keyboard.

This feature is loved by some and hated by many and increases the price of the MacBook Pro substantially. Consider size and weight. As I said above, the MacBook is the lightest Mac at 2. If you're planning to carry your Mac around with you, this makes a difference. The MacBook Air. As for the actual usage, the MacBook Pro has more power, offers more storage and RAM, and with its Thunderbolt connectors, can power external monitors with ease, making it a Mac you can use both on the desk and on the go. You can even use an eGPU an external graphics card with some applications making it quite flexible.

For casual use, the MacBook Air is probably best, especially since it has just been updated and has some of the latest technologies including Touch ID which can also be found on the MacBook Pro.

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Apple makes a lot of money on its "build-to-order" models where you add storage and RAM to your Mac. For example, if you buy the You can nearly double the price of this model with upgrades: Think wisely about how much money you're going to put into extras.

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Additional storage may be tempting, but at a cost: Do you really need extra RAM and storage? And if you really need a lot of RAM, then the 27" iMac lets you buy third-party RAM and upgrade it at a much lower cost than when you buy it from Apple. As for storage, one rule of thumb is to look at your computer today and see how much you use, then double that amount. Because over the lifespan of the computer, your apps will get larger, you'll have more photos, more music and more videos. However, if you have a very large music or video library, you may not need to pay for extra storage; with a desktop Mac, you can use an external hard drive.

See this article for more on choosing the right type of drive. For computing, in general the more RAM you have, the better. If you are uncertain how much memory your system can handle, then the following Apple knowledge base documents should show you the capacities of your system:.

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These documents also contain a number of images outlining how to install upgrades on your system, but in general, once you have exposed the RAM slots per the above articles' instructions, you unlatch and remove the old RAM and then fit the new RAM in its place. While you might be concerned about whether RAM is seated properly, keep in mind that you cannot easily damage RAM or your system if it is not properly seated.

At most, when your system boots up it will not be able to detect and test the RAM, and will issue three beeps without booting, or will boot and not show the RAM as being available. Even though improper seating cannot easily damage RAM, do keep in mind that static electric discharges to it can damage it.

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Therefore, when opening and installing new RAM, regularly touch the system to ground yourself to it, and use a static-free surface like a wood or glass desk. While some vendors may try to sell Mac-specific RAM, you can use any that matches the requirements for your system. In doing so, you can avoid places that sell "Mac RAM" at a premium.

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After upgrading, be sure to run Apple's hardware test suite to check the new RAM for errors. This is perhaps the most important step of any RAM upgrade, since corruption in RAM can result in crashes, hangs, and data corruption. In addition, RAM errors can go unnoticed for a while, and then suddenly start to affect the system. Have a fix? Be sure to check us out on Twitter and the new MacFixIt blog, which can be found directly at http: How to set up Google's two-step verification: To better protect your digital life, specifically your Google account, turn on two-factor authentication for your Gmail account.

With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure -- with very little hassle.