Put your game cartridge in the game genie cart and then put both, now in one block, in the genesis. Push the power button and the screen with the codemaster, and galoob, names will appears. You will see in the superior part of the screen spaces where the codes will be writen and at the bottom of the screen will be the letters and numbers that you need to use to write the codes. Sadly it has a 5 code limitation. The game genie will not work with pirate games. And with some of the save methods used in some carts it will not let you save your game. You not need master codes in real hardware.

Enter the codes with the switch on the right of the game genie cart in off, and when the game start push it on again. That depends on the emulator to use. The two recommended are Gens and Kega Fusion. The codes must be entered with the "-" between the eight characters: In emulators we can use as many codes as we need, we don't have limitations. But in some emus you will need the master codes because they are enabled since the biggining of the game without the possibility of disable and enable the codes where we want to.

Thanks Thanks to Pugsy for his tips, and for helping every time we needed some assistance. Also thanks a lot for keeping the MAME cheat file. Thanks to Hybrid for all the feedback. Thanks to Whipon for all the feedback and for a lot of great codes. Thanks to Tony Hedstrom for making a lot of quality game genies, I learned some tricks watching his GG.

Also he has wrote a lot of very good hacking guides. Thanks to the people of "The Gshi" for hosting one of the best and clean databases of cheats over the internet. And for taking good care of my codes. Thanks to Gamefaqs for also host this file. Thanks to Neoseeker for also host this file. I will stay in the forums, so you can ask there or make your requests.

History [ Unnecesary codes deleted. Mayor file clean up. New sections added. Codes section changed. Codes for or more new games. Some codes fixed. Some codes corrections and improvements. Added codes for some more games. Fixed some sections. Added email. Some codes improvements. I added this code because I "assumed" the game would give you health, but I felt that was waaaay to much health.

As it turns out, the game won't allow you to receive that much health, so the second code isn't really necessary. Thanks for the heads up. I'll update the code. How about always shoot fire and walk thru walls on Rev 03? I'll port those codes when I'm done with the rest of these codes. Shinobi 3: Also works when you're on the horse, surfboard, etc. Ys III: Gets rid of the blank screen when using codes, and makes the game load faster. Code must be turned on when buying the Mirror.

Code must be turned on when buying the Amulet. Code must be turned on when buying the Brosha Serum.

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There is an official Galoob code for this game that is incorrect. I even looked in my code book and it's incorrect there as well. The code is: Wanderers from Ys Genesis Can use all these codes at the same time if you want. Can use all of these codes at the same time if you want. This includes all weapons, armor, shields, rings, items, statues, keys, etc. No problem.

Just give me a little time to finish some other codes. You only have to press the first button of any built-in game cheat to activate it. Pause the game and press C for free movement anywhere on the screen, as well as the ability to kill enemies just by touching them. Pause and press A to refill health.

Pause and press Left, then unpause to go to Option menu. In Option menu, press A for debug menu. The Debug menu lets you increase your health and lives, has level select, and allows you to pick your starting weapon. Which version did you use for those codes? The ROM I used is listed as: These codes should work with yours The debug menu has invincibility, level select, etc.

Press Start to cancel the slow motion and go back to normal speed. The Pulse Rifle is the weapon you shoot when pressing the A or C buttons.

Joe & Mac - Game Genie Codes

Press A again to change level, then press Start to play. Press A to change level, then press Start to play. Wow, that's a lot of extra code just to not have to press a button. That's mostly for people who what to hack the codes into a ROM. Figured out how to make accessing the Flintstones Genesis level select screen easier without using any Game Genie codes.

After looking at the assembly, I noticed an easier way is to just hold Left and then press Start. Press C to skip to the next level. Press C on controller 2 to kill all enemies and proceed to the current stage's boss.

If you're using an emulator, you must turn the code on and then reset the game with a master code. Examples of cheats: Press C on controller 2 to skip to next level. Tapping A on controller 2 will give you slow motion press B on controller 2 to cancel slow motion. There is also invincibility, power ups, etc. Check your favorite gaming site for details. Any help would be appreciated, I can provide a save if needed. I've never made any codes for Sega Master System, but here's a link that might help: Thanks Tony, that's where I got the other codes I'm currently using.

But the listed code for invincibility for vehicles is for the top down levels such as the landspeeder and not the space levels, unfortunately. Thanks anyway! If you're using an emulator, you'll need to turn the codes on, then reset the game with a master code. It may be possible to shorten this to a single code. Might look into it later. Note that there may not be any animation in the game for some of the weapons to hit multiple targets, so you may not see the attack, but you will see that each enemy takes damage.

May only work in "Command" mode ie. Probably shouldn't use this code very likely that it has unwanted side effects. If you equip 2 Steel Swords, you'll do a double slash in battle. Note that there is no animation in the game for this, so you won't see it doing multiple hits, but you will see that each enemy takes damage. The "multiple target" feature may only work in "Command" mode ie. If you equip 2 Defeat Axes, you'll do a double slash in battle.

The Debug menu has invincibility, level select, etc. I'm looking for an infinite time code for Smurfs 1 Mega Drive. I think it's already been made, but I can't seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated: Here's a link to the inf lives code for Smurfs: Will make new codes for the Mega Drive version tomorrow. Thanks in advance Tony: Though I already have a working infinite lives code for Smurfs. I think I got it from GH. What I'm looking for is an infinite time code.

I could swear I had seen one before, but can't find it anymore? Oops, my mistake. Got lives and time mixed up. Try these codes and let me know how they work Need to turn code off at the end of each level to continue. Start with more time sets time to 99 instead of 40 normal mode and infinite time seems to work out fine, thanks! It needs to be disabled at the end for each level. The timer always counts to zero at the end and the code is preventing it to do this. If the code is not disabled, the score points will keep increasing.

It works just fine when it is disabled at the end of a level and reactivated after. Thanks for the note about the infinite time code. Will add that to my code description. Also included some extra codes that you didn't request. Let me know if you have any problems with these. Great, thanks! Going to test all the Mega Drive codes now and will let you know how it worked out. Excellent work! One thing that occurred to me the other day I'll see if I can figure anything out with Pac Man.

I'm not familiar with the Mega EverDrive, but I'm guessing that a Game Genie code won't be able to fix any save problems. Pac-Man 2: Sonic will glide all the way across the screen at full speed and hit the ground running. Any enemies on the screen will die. Excellent work!!! Thank you so much! That is such an improvement! When the dragons run away after 3 hits, is that 3 hits from you or the enemies? It's 3 hits regardless if from the player or enemy. As soon as the rider has been kicked off three times the dragon runs away. Tony Can you look for me a time code for Splatterhouse 3 U Infinite Time Start with X Mins, Like Start with 10 or even 7 I haven't tested the infinite time code to the end of a level, so let me know if you have any problems with it.

Some inf time codes won't let a level end. The other codes should work fine. I decided to use "Clock runs slower" type codes instead of "start with more time" codes because it looks like the game uses several different amounts of time and it would have meant several different codes. I removed the infinite time code because there's already one available it's called Clock Does Not Run: I noticed this code by Whipon: Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters I cannot find any codes for this game.

I have already finished the game but I would like to be able to quickly skip to the quickdraw boss at the end of the Saloon level. I don't always feel like replaying the rest of the game to get to this boss. I would like a code that just skips to that boss and just stays there, if possible. You have to outdraw six guys instead of three! What is the name of the game? Oops, my bad. I can see why there aren't any level select codes for this game.

If I figure anything out, I'll post the codes. If anyone else figures out the RAM address, please post it.

Joe and Mac Game Genie Codes

Finally figured it out. Will have the codes shortly. Guess I should add the RAM codes too: Has only been tested on Gens. EDIT 2: Having trouble with the section codes. Very unusual method they use for sections. Hopefully I can figure it out. Thanks for working on it! I will have to try them out as soon as I connect to shore power again. What kind of boat are you on? Work or pleasure? Go to the Option menu and scroll down one space below "Exit" for the Stage select, and one more space down for Section select.

You won't be able to see them, but they're there. Press Right to increase the Stage or Section, then press Start to play. Just my personal sailboat. All the luxuries of home: I like the whole game but my favorite part is the quick-draw. It's the only quick-draw in the whole game. It would be cool just to play that part any time. I really would like to play it repeatedly sometimes but once you beat it, the game just advances to the next regular level. Thanks again for the codes! Finally got if figured out My guess is that you will probably move on to the next level, so you'll need to reset the game to play the Quick-Draw section again.

I'll work on a code so that that section plays over and over without having to reset. It looks like resetting the game is going to work the best. This means you'd have to play through that level before you can play Quick-Draw again. I can post the codes if you'd like, but resetting the game sounds like it's your best bet. Your codes work totally great! I had a little trouble putting them in at first.

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  7. I thought my Game Genie was broken. Turns out, it doesn't like having the Justifier plugged in. Once I got the code in, I was able to use both Justifiers okay, though. I could even switch between one gun three bad guys or two guns six bad guys. I can outdraw all six bad guys with both guns. I want to see if I can get all six using only one gun. Best I can do so far is four or five of 'em. I seem to be more accurate with my left but I can shoot faster with my right.. Of course, to get all six guys with one gun will require both speed and accuracy -- definitely won't have time to reload!

    I love how the bad guys fade out after they have been killed rather than just disappearing. Do you think you could take another shot at the dragons in Golden Axe? If you're not sure, just let me know which of my "Dragons don't run away when sitting alone" codes worked on your game I made codes for both versions.

    Request - GG Master Code for Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja for Genesis

    Let me know which one. Golden Axe ver 1. The camera starts to move when your character gets just past the halfway point. I was able to kill one. Dang, this is cool. I actually like the whole game but some of the other bosses are a pain. They're not really difficult, just tedious because you've got to be patient and shoot them a hundred times or so.

    By the way, getting one is not bad. A couple of people here can't hit any of them! Fully restores dying player's health. Has only been tested on Wren and Alys, but should work on others as well. You can decide which techniques they can use by first looking at someone elses list of techniques Tech. If you first look at Chaz's list of Techs he has available, then press B to go back to the character select list, then select Wren, Wren will have the same Techs available as Chaz has. Since Wren doesn't have any TP, you'll need to use this code to fix that: If you don't look at someone elses list of Tech first, a non-TP user will just show something about a "Forehead Patch".

    Not sure what it does. Sadly no. The dragons still ran away after the player had been kicked off three or four times I think? Should also work on a US Genesis console. Does anybody has codes for Phantasy Star 2 to make them walk faster something along the same speed as Phantasy Star IV?

    Don't know of any codes for that, but there was some discussion on the topic here: The codes worked fine except when the CPU took over control of your characters. Was never able to figure that one out. My guess is that PS2 would have the same problem. Tony H are you able to create codes for Simpsons: I could really use an infinite lives and infinite health code. I am trying to work on a review for this site but am never going to get through the game as it stands as it's too broken and hard to play. Thanks http: This includes the dog, rat, thug, snake and Lizard.

    Nice, looking forward to trying out some of those Spidey codes: I tried the infinite energy ones from Gamehacking, but they'd instantly reset the game. Tried their invincibility codes, which would disable the diagonal controls. I'd prefer invincibility codes, but infinite energy would be fine as well. Thanks in advance! Just to make sure which version you have Cursor must be in the lower left corner.

    Hey Tony H. The game requires a password to access the final TNN tournament to beat the game, but it was only given out back in the 90s and is unavailable online. I posted the correct password here: You'll get to the password screen after you enter your name. Wait for the helicopter to land at the title screen then press Start. Maybe have to reprint a new.

    I may be making more Twin Cobra codes. If I do, I'll be sure to post them here.